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Urban Heroes Saison 1

Format: 15 x 52mn

Langues: German, french, anglais

Description: Agriculture is a booming trend, no matter where it takes place. All over the world, agriculture is changing whether it's coming back to the outskirts, on the rooftops or right in business centers. It is also winning back the country side thanks to participative projects. 70% of the world's population are fed thanks to agriculture in all its forms. The world is growing and rediscovering its historical soil. Documentary series "Urban Heroes" goes to the most beautiful landscapes in the world and meets women and men who are rewriting the rules of our way of consuming and recasting a subsistence and local economy in their country.

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The green wave Saison 1

Format: 7 x 26mn

Langues: french

Description: The series follows a surf lover family who is trying to teach the necessity to protect our planet to their daughter and the viewers through their travels. They discover a new country in each episode (always by the sea) and meet with people who are acting for our planet. It's also the opportunity for them to enjoy their passion in a new environment. The goal of the series is to deal with the environment issue positively and enthusiastically.

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Family Trip Saison 1

Format: 2 x 52mn

Langues: french

Description: Many things have been tried to solve ecological and economic crises. Without success from others, Fred and Laure decided to embark with their two children on a journey, a life, where theses crises were solvable: for 5 years, they filmed real solutions and those who put them into practice in more than 40 countries. The result is a window to the world of tomorrow, as it could be. A family, a trailer, five years and five continents, Fred, Laure, Martin, and China continue their tour of the world to meet those who reconcile man and nature. Realizing the dream of many families, proving that it is still possible to travel around the world, and inspire the next generation to live in harmony with it.

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Welcome to the farm

Format: 50 x 26mn

Langues: french

Description: Over 5 seasons, with the chef Stefano Faita, families living in the city will spend 24 hours in a farm in Canada and will experience all the aspects of an agricultural product! Led by the family of the farm hosting them, the townspeople will get the chance to discover the work hiding behind the production of food. Every episode will put the spotlight on one product and one region. Action, emotions, recipes and pleasure!

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Español - Los Cazadores del Sabor Saison 1

Format: 15 x 26mn

Langues: Spanish, french

Description: Los chefs Benjamin Darnaud y Jérôme Bigot nos guían en un viaje por el mundo en busca del origen natural de los productos que consumimos cada día en nuestra mesa. Evitando los supermercados, donde todo está envasado y conservado, acompañamos a agricultores, pescadores y ganaderos que siguen trabajando tradicionalmente.

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Format: 5 x 52mn

Langues: french, English

Description: They have super sensors and super armour. They are super quick, super builders, super sturdy, super slippery, super strong, super organised and super economical. And they are all around us, quietly existing before our very eyes. Alive. How can we use the potential of flora and fauna, the greatest athletes of the natural world, to our advantage? How can we get inspired by the phenomenal powers of nature and copy the supersolutions that it has developed through evolution and adaptation in order to respond to specific human needs, solve all our problems, and limit or repair the damage that has already been done by human activity? What will our world look like once we have learned to master the secrets of the living organisms that surround and fascinate us? Over the course of the five films in our series, we will gradually reveal what our future will be like. With our guide, we will see how, all over the planet, more and more researchers and entrepreneurs, real ‘creators of the future', are using spectacular results obtained by nature after 4 billion years of research and development to start changing the world of tomorrow today. All the answers can be found in nature. Nature is like a library, a great user's manual for anyone imagining the future. Or even a huge toolbox: thanks to nature, we have all the necessary means, both technological and methodological, not only to repair what we have broken, but also to protect and improve our lives and the world which surrounds us. There is no doubt: the future is biomimetic!

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Flower Power Saison 1

Format: 10 x 4mn

Langues: french

Description: Do you know the story and virtues of the flowers and plants around us? FLOWER POWER paints a surprising portrait through their medicinal or culinary use, across different eras and locations. Often mistakenly regarded as weeds, these plants are rich in unusual anecdotes and true riches for mankind, and they are ready to reveal their secrets!

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H.A.N Saison 1

Format: 8 x 26mn

Langues: french

Description: For 4 seasons, H.A.N. follows rangers working in a natural reserve in order to crack the secret of their job. A demanding job, full of trials imposed by nature, of moments of great joy but also of grief. Along 8 episodes, find out more about the fight of these nature lovers to guarantee the survival of endangered species. Available in Asia and Latin America only.

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The Green Thumbed Biker

Format: 54 x 52mn

Langues: french

Description: Come take a ride on Jammy Gourmand’s motorcycle along the highways of France, visiting the most beautiful gardens of the French territory. From Erik Borja’s zen garden to the Prince’s Vegetable Garden in Chantilly or the south gardens of Guadeloupe, The Green Thumbed Biker will discover very unique gardens and places. Meet passionate gardeners, keepers of beauty, and share their knowledge and well-kept secrets to grow marvelous flowers and plants as well as tasty fruits and vegetables. Thanks to Jammy and his encounters with great chefs, learn a recipe entirely based on the vegetables, fruits and flowers of the season collected in the garden he is visiting.

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