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Virus Hunters Saison 1

Format: 10 x 52mn

Langues: french

Description: Virus hunters are biologists, doctors, veterinarians, ecologists, and anthropologists. Modern-day adventurers, they go into high-risk areas to track deadly viruses, understand the propagation mechanisms of emerging diseases, and look after highly exposed populations. They are the sentinels of a human race faced with a very real threat: pandemics. Throughout the world, virus hunters play a decisive role in the anticipation of these threats to humans and global health. The series Virus Hunters explores the complex relationships between humans and Nature.

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Español - Serial Testers

Format: 50 x 52mn

Langues: french

Description: Agathe Lecaron, Vincent Chatelain, David Lowe y James, el muñeco de choque, están experimentando científicamente las creencias populares con seriedad, pero definitivamente no sin humor. Este grupo de audaces probadores configuran experimentos increíbles para probar las creencias populares, desmitificar o confirmar ideas comunes. En un cobertizo transformado en laboratorio científico, nuestros cuatro audaces ejecutarán increíbles experimentos científicos y al aire libre que realizarán ellos mismos.

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Serial Testers

Format: 177 x 52mn

Langues: french

Description: During 52min, Agathe Lecaron, Vincent Chatelain, David Lowe and James the crash dummy, are scientifically experimenting popular believes with seriousness but definitely not without humor as well. This bunch of audacious testers is setting up incredible experiments in order to knock the common popular believes , demystify or confirm common ideas. How will they proceed ? In a shed transformed into a scientific laboratory, Agathe Lecaron, Vincent Chatelain, David Lowe and James the crash dummy will execute incredible scientific experiments (wind tunnels, crash tests…) as well as outdoor experiments which they will perform themselves. The experiments are a chain of experiences which completes themselves one another. Neither subject is taken by chance nor is left without explanation: each experiment is clearly, scientifically and concretely explained with images and 3D plans... You will get answers to many interrogations such as : Are lice invincible? Can one walk on water ? Where do the balloons go? Can one become invisible? Do plants grow quicker when we talk to them? And many other subjects ...

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Español - Los Forjadores del Mañana

Format: 8 x 52mn

Langues: English

Description: Desde nuevas tecnologías hasta grandes descubrimientos, haremos un viaje al futuro. Es una oportunidad para conocer las innovaciones impulsadas por hombres y mujeres dedicados a avanzar al futuro con el deseo común de revolucionar la sociedad. Trabajan en innovaciones que tendrán consecuencias reales en nuestra vida diaria. gracias a sus ideas y determinación, nuestro futuro luce mas prometedor, inteligente y sostenible. Ellos son LOS FORJADORES DEL MANANA!

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Shapers of Tomorrow

Format: 8 x 52mn

Langues: English

Description: From great discoveries to new technologies, some men and women are relentlessly working to improve our future. All over the world, they are imagining and designing the items that shall transform our everyday lives. Whatever idea that pops up in their brain is destined to be a life-changer in our close future. They deserve the spotlight as their creations will make our lives brighter, smarter and more sustainable. They are the Shapers of Tomorrow! Embark with them on a trip to the future. With each episode focusing on one specific thematic, let them show you the innovations that will redesign our lives in the fields of housing, transportation, recycling, clothing, energy, food, robotics, …

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Format: 5 x 52mn

Langues: french

Description: They have super sensors and super armour. They are super quick, super builders, super sturdy, super slippery, super strong, super organised and super economical. And they are all around us, quietly existing before our very eyes. Alive. How can we use the potential of flora and fauna, the greatest athletes of the natural world, to our advantage? How can we get inspired by the phenomenal powers of nature and copy the supersolutions that it has developed through evolution and adaptation in order to respond to specific human needs, solve all our problems, and limit or repair the damage that has already been done by human activity? What will our world look like once we have learned to master the secrets of the living organisms that surround and fascinate us? Over the course of the five films in our series, we will gradually reveal what our future will be like. With our guide, we will see how, all over the planet, more and more researchers and entrepreneurs, real ‘creators of the future’, are using spectacular results obtained by nature after 4 billion years of research and development to start changing the world of tomorrow today. All the answers can be found in nature. Nature is like a library, a great user’s manual for anyone imagining the future. Or even a huge toolbox: thanks to nature, we have all the necessary means, both technological and methodological, not only to repair what we have broken, but also to protect and improve our lives and the world which surrounds us. There is no doubt: the future is biomimetic!

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Crash Detectives Saison 1

Format: 8 x 26mn

Langues: German

Description: Heavy accidents are part of the daily life. Most of the times it is evident what caused the damage and the dynamics of the accident are retraceable. But what if there is no clear picture of what happened? The documentary „The Crash-Detectives“ deals with exactly those cases. A team of experts explains every detail of what could have caused the tragedy. They are specialists working for a crashtest company and combine many years of experience in virtual accident reconstruction. They are needed whenever the dynamics of an accident are unexplainable. By using high end computer and visiualizing techniques they are able to recreate the sitiuation and find out what really caused the accident. At the same time the statements of the affected persons and witnesses are questioned. The spectators follows every step of this lavish detective work.

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Did You Know ?

Format: 240 x 26mn

Langues: french

Description: If you had to explain science to someone who does not know a thing about it, how would you do ? You no longer have to ask yourself this question since Did You Know ? is here for that ! Every episode is explaining clearly and simply your daily environment: health & well-being, human body, animals, earth, home, food, technology…

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Español - La Vida Deseada de Gaspard

Format: 3 x 52mn

Langues: Spanish, french

Description: Agathe acabo de dar nacimiento a su primer hijo y decide aprender mas entorno al mundo donde su hijo va a madurar y crecer. Va a viajar en diferentes países para encontrar a científicos y emprendedores que están inventando el mundo de mañana. Les pedirá muchas preguntas como: que tipo de relación los seres humanos tendrán con los robots? Cual sera nuestra comida dentro de 10 o 20 años? Seremos capaz viajar más rápidamente? Ya sabemos ralentizar el envejecimiento?

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