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Español - Jardines Urbanos Saison 1

Format: 32 x 26mn

Langues: french, Spanish

Description: Ciudades están el futuro del jardin ….Y nuestro programa es la primera emisión entorno a los Jardines Urbanos! Animado por David Janerot, roquero enamorado de los jardines salvajes en ciudades, esta emisión de 26' ofrecerá cada semana encuentros, visitas y consejos. En agenda: el descubrimiento de « eco heroes », pioneros que inventan una ciudad mas verde. Visitas de jardines secretos con sus propietarios y paisajistas. También ideas inteligentes para vegetalizar su baldo. Sin olvidar los buenos planes para aprender a cultivar y divertirse con la naturaleza en la ciudad.

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Español - Casas Verdes Saison 1

Format: 11 x 26mn

Langues: french, Spanish

Description: Contaminación, cambio climático, mientras algunos predicen el apocalipsis, otros están construyendo el futuro. Son los héroes de Casas Verdes y ya cuentan con soluciones para las viviendas del futuro.

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Fabulous designs

Format: 8 x 52mn

Langues: french, English

Description: Fabulous designs explores the most extraordinary homes' designs around the world. It will introduce you to the most spectacular architectures and interiors that not only are innovative and unusual... they are also green! Proving that eco-friendly can be fabulous.

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Amazon Taste

Format: 13 x 26mn

Langues: Portuguese

Description: In the Amazon, Brazilian chef Thiago Castanho searches the origins of local cuisine's most exotic ingredients. In this first season, Amazon Taste shows the history of 13 ingredients from Amazon Cuisine, from exotic fruits like Cupuaçu and Assai to river fishes. Chef Thiago goes through rivers, islands, forests and farms to show how these ingredients are produced and how they can be used as popular food and sophisticated dishes.

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1 Cake 3 Possibilities Saison 1

Format: 12 x 15mn

Langues: french

Description: With "1 Cake 3 Possibilities", the chef offers us a special pastry in which he revisits the great classics and offers equally delicious variations!

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Intérieurs Saison 7

Format: 17 x 26mn

Langues: french

Description: Intérieurs is THE design & decoration ‘s appointment ! Discover our brand new season of Interieurs, at this occasion, the 7th season is now presented by Marie Montuir who makes us share her taste in design ! The show will still présent you the Guided tour, the makeover and the « example to follow » but this brand new tv version will now include three more sequences : The CUSTOM CHIC, a sequence in which our decoration & design experts give us the best tips directly inspired from professional designers ; the YES – YES / NO NO sequence is presenting us the iN and OUT of the design news and finally, the Doctor House who helps our viewers !

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Building Tomorrow

Format: 7 x 52mn

Langues: English

Description: Today, global warming and the decrease in natural resources push us to take up the challenge of building in a more ethical and sustainable manner. How to design architectures that are both revolutionary and practical? What solutions can be put into practice to make these places comfortable and respectful of the environment? Whether professionals or private; isolated or hidden in the very heart of our urban centers… all over the world, eco-housing is constantly reinventing itself. Avant-garde, visionary, the pioneers of ecological construction innovate and share their sustainable solutions with as many people as possible. What is the challenge? To imagine new habitats with irreproachable ecological standards while preserving our precious natural resources and start a greener lifestyle. Thanks to meetings with these visionary builders, Building Tomorrow opens the doors to unique places to discover the meaning and share the secrets of the most ecological architectures in the world.

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Happy & Zen

Format: 52 x 26mn

Langues: french

Description: Happy & Zen will help you take control of your well-being without troubling yourself with complexes or bad conscious. Whatever your lifestyle, age or physical condition, you can always do something more for yourself. Laury Thilleman, a former Miss France, will show you how to take care of yourself through 4 segments: « Happy & Zen in my head", « Happy & Zen in my plate », « Happy & Zen in my body » and « Happy & Zen in my mirror »

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Earth cycle

Format: 5 x 26mn

Langues: English

Description: Earth Cycle: Northern Europe's extreme summer is a TV travel series and expedition, charting the 3,000 KM journey of presenter & journalist Simon Parker as he cycles from Norway's North Cape, the northernmost point of Europe, to Smygehuk, Sweden - the southernmost point of the Scandinavian Peninsula. ‘Earth Cycle' is also a play on words; it's a celebration of planet earth and its incredible seasonal cycles.

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