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Oriental flavors Saison 1

Format: 30 x 26mn

Langues: arabic

Description: Oriental cuisine plays a big role in the friendly cooking category thus this series aims to make you discover this cuisine in all its splendor and generosity, whether Tunisian, Libyan, Moroccan or Algerian. It brings together the varieties of regional cuisines and the culinary style of North Africa which have evolved over the centuries by adapting to the customs of each period of history.

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Delicious food in Israel Saison 1

Format: 4 x 26mn

Langues: french

Description: Over the years, Israel has become an exceptional place in terms of cuisine, a destination that Yoni Saada knows well since he has even opened a restaurant there. In this new season, Yoni continues his search for Mediterranean flavours and makes us discover a country through its cuisine, specialities, recipes and its inhabitants... In the 4 episodes of this "Delicious food" we will discover this unique cuisine which has been enriched through migrations and influences: Jewish, Arab, European, North African, Oriental...

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A Chef on Tour

Format: 6 x 26mn

Langues: English, Chinese

Description: A CHEF ON TOUR takes us on a voyage of discovery to meet some of China's greatest chefs and watch them in their kitchens Our guide ? Talented young French chef: Laurent Peugeot. The goal of this adventure? To discover how the most exotic flavor are prepared by Laurent's top favorite chefs to bring the worldwide best techniques in France. During this tour, Laurent will stay in the Szechuan region during 6 weeks. This stop will be the opportunity for him to meet the Top Chinese chefs, Top Chinese products and culture. During 6 weeks, Laurent will meet the 6 best Chinese chefs to discover their secrets, their cultures and their technique. As we follow Laurent on this long journey, each episode will give us a chance to discover a new town, its inhabitants, the people who produce its food, its crops and its special flavors. Will Laurent manage to bring back the best Chinese products and techniques? Let's tour the best Chinese kitchens to have the answer!

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99% of pleasure

Format: 26 x 52mn


Description: This series' mission is clear: take you on a tour of all that's pretty (design, deco, architecture...), good (restaurants, relaxing ...) and happy (travels, events, discoveries...). But no useless frustration is needed, 99% PLEASURE will be punctuated with ideas capable of making your everyday life go from morose to la vie en rose. This experience is about pushing your happiness to its maximum thanks to the help of its specialist host Sophie...or almost. Cause where did the 1% left go? 99% PLEASURE: your weekly moment of pleasure.

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Urban Heroes Saison 1

Format: 15 x 52mn

Langues: German, french, anglais

Description: Agriculture is a booming trend, no matter where it takes place. All over the world, agriculture is changing whether it's coming back to the outskirts, on the rooftops or right in business centers. It is also winning back the country side thanks to participative projects. 70% of the world's population are fed thanks to agriculture in all its forms. The world is growing and rediscovering its historical soil. Documentary series "Urban Heroes" goes to the most beautiful landscapes in the world and meets women and men who are rewriting the rules of our way of consuming and recasting a subsistence and local economy in their country.

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Cake craze Saison 1

Format: 24 x 24mn

Langues: Portuguese

Description: In each episode, Carina Costa invites a personality to teach her/him all the secrets for a successful and exquisite cake! Whether it's for a birthday, a party, Halloween or Christmas, Carina and her guest will make a cake as beautiful as it is delicious!

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The green wave Saison 1

Format: 7 x 26mn

Langues: french

Description: The series follows a surf lover family who is trying to teach the necessity to protect our planet to their daughter and the viewers through their travels. They discover a new country in each episode (always by the sea) and meet with people who are acting for our planet. It's also the opportunity for them to enjoy their passion in a new environment. The goal of the series is to deal with the environment issue positively and enthusiastically.

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Food Industry: The Unappetizing Truth

Format: 7 x 52mn

Langues: french

Description: The food industry has always been a big mystery for consumers who, while thinking that they are buying first class products do not have a clue of how these latter really are made. This documentary series aims to put the spotlight on what hides behind this food industry, that is amongst the biggest and most powerful industries of the world.  Each of the seven documentaries will investigate the production of a food that is seen on every dinner table and will try to reveal deepest well-guarded secrets of this industry. 

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Deliciously cute Saison 1

Format: 10 x 26mn

Langues: french

Description: In "Deliciously cute" Chloé revises her classics and puts the French people's favourite cakes within everyone's reach! It's a real challenge for Chloé! Her goal: to make the making of pastry classics accessible thanks to her tricks and the advice of the best French pastry chefs.

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