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Around the World in 80 steaks Saison 1

Format: 6 x 40mn

Langues: German

Description: More and more people want to enjoy meat with a clear conscience and therefore have a strong interest in the origin of the animals who lost their lives for our diet. Only when they have knowledge that everything is received with "right things", they can carefree enjoy the food. Cult cooking, organic farmer, and, meat-philosopher Lucki Maurer and his friend Wolfgang Otto, who committed to his company for 10 years for quality-conscious cultivation and processing of meat, set out to search for the best breeders in the world.

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Trend XXI Saison 4

Format: 35 x 26mn

Langues: french

Description: French creativity is booming in the fields of fashion, crafts, design, beauty and gastronomy. 'Trend XXI' showcases a know-how that evolves in tune with the times, sometimes even anticipating them.

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Happy & Zen Saison 1

Format: 15 x 26mn

Langues: french

Description: Happy & Zen will help you take control of your well-being without troubling yourself with complexes or bad conscious. Whatever your lifestyle, age or physical condition, you can always do something more for yourself. Laury Thilleman, a former Miss France, will show you how to take care of yourself through 4 segments: « Happy & Zen in my head", « Happy & Zen in my plate », « Happy & Zen in my body » and « Happy & Zen in my mirror »

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Trend XXI Express

Format: 535 x 5mn

Langues: french

Description: French creativity is booming in the fields of fashion, crafts, design, beauty and gastronomy. 'Trend XXI' showcases a know-how that evolves in tune with the times, sometimes even anticipating them.

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Don't Tell The Chef Saison 7

Format: 30 x 26mn

Langues: french

Description: François-Régis Gaudry and his two reporters are back for a new season, still searching for great or not so great eating spots. The principle remains the same: to test restaurants with as much discretion, integrity and independence as possible and of course to always pay the bill!

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A Chef on Tour

Format: 6 x 26mn

Langues: English, Chinese

Description: A CHEF ON TOUR takes us on a voyage of discovery to meet some of China’s greatest chefs and watch them in their kitchens Our guide ? Talented young French chef: Laurent Peugeot. The goal of this adventure? To discover how the most exotic flavor are prepared by Laurent’s top favorite chefs to bring the worldwide best techniques in France. During this tour, Laurent will stay in the Szechuan region during 6 weeks. This stop will be the opportunity for him to meet the Top Chinese chefs, Top Chinese products and culture. During 6 weeks, Laurent will meet the 6 best Chinese chefs to discover their secrets, their cultures and their technique. As we follow Laurent on this long journey, each episode will give us a chance to discover a new town, its inhabitants, the people who produce its food, its crops and its special flavors. Will Laurent manage to bring back the best Chinese products and techniques? Let’s tour the best Chinese kitchens to have the answer!

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Shiatsu : The way to peaceful healing

Format: 4 x 26mn

Langues: french

Description: Le Shiatsu Martial vient du Shiatsu qui est une discipline énergétique manuelle japonaise, fondée à l'instar de l'acupuncture sur les principes découverts et développés par l'antique médecine chinoise. En 1997, le Shiatsu a été reconnu comme l’une des huit médecines complémentaires les plus bénéfiques par l’Union Européenne. Cette série propose l’intégral du programme tel qu’il est enseigné en France et à l’étranger. Bernard Bouheret nous raconte également l’origine ainsi que la dimension spirituelle de cette discipline.

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Family Homes

Format: 40 x 5mn

Langues: french

Description: Let's meet modern and stylish families who have chosen to invest in houses where every single detail has been well thought of and planned.

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Elsewhere's Houses Saison 1

Format: 20 x 10mn

Langues: french

Description: Discover contemporary decoration through a selection of exceptional residences in Paris, New York, Brussels and Milan. Each guided tour is led by the owner.

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