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They have super sensors and super armour. They are super quick, super builders, super sturdy, super slippery, super strong, super organised and super economical. And they are all around us, quietly existing before our very eyes. Alive. How can we use the potential of flora and fauna, the greatest athletes of the natural world, to our advantage? How can we get inspired by the phenomenal powers of nature and copy the supersolutions that it has developed through evolution and adaptation in order to respond to specific human needs, solve all our problems, and limit or repair the damage that has already been done by human activity? What will our world look like once we have learned to master the secrets of the living organisms that surround and fascinate us? Over the course of the five films in our series, we will gradually reveal what our future will be like. With our guide, we will see how, all over the planet, more and more researchers and entrepreneurs, real ‘creators of the future’, are using spectacular results obtained by nature after 4 billion years of research and development to start changing the world of tomorrow today. All the answers can be found in nature. Nature is like a library, a great user’s manual for anyone imagining the future. Or even a huge toolbox: thanks to nature, we have all the necessary means, both technological and methodological, not only to repair what we have broken, but also to protect and improve our lives and the world which surrounds us. There is no doubt: the future is biomimetic!

Type de contenus Series
Titre Supernature
Nom de la série/collection Supernature
Nombre d'épisodes 5
Genre Documentary
Thèmes Green; HD; Science; 4K;
Durée formatée 52mn
Langue originale french
Langue script french
Ratio 16:9
Définition 4K
Descripteur Biomimicry ; Research; ECOLOGY/NATURE/ENVIRONMENT; Innovation; Biotechnology; Biology;
Lieu de tournage France;
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