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Our Platform gives you access to our entire on line catalog !
You can therefore, screen, select, order and load all the lifestyle contents regarding your needs !
We offer various types of contents and formats from series to one shots, from magazines to documentaries but and also from shorts to footages , which can be intergrated in your own productions !
Much more than an incredible offer, this website is also a brand new way to buy a program or footages and be delivered the day right after !

Step 1 - Create your account

Online screening is only possible for registered users. Each registration application will be under our team’s evaluation, who will send you afterwards a comfirmation e-mail to validate the application.

Step 2 - Research, selections, alert …

Thanks to a detailed search engine, you can easily access all the programs with various possibilities.
You can get an overview of the the catalog by themes and also via logos located on the homepage.
In each thematic, our programs are organized by formats (footages, series, one shot…) and by duration time.
You can also launch a research directly based on key words or via the descriptor system thanks to the search field. On top of this, a detailed research is also possible with further criterias (finished subjects, footages, languages, definition formats).

The selections
Based on your needs, you can create programs selections per date, per thematics, per type of programs… These selections will be easily accessible on your profile page !

You can ask to be notified when you have made a detailed research and when you also wish to be informed regarding the addition of a new program corresponding to this sepcific research. You can also be notified regarding the addition of a new episode of a series and also on the addition of a collection.

Step 3 - Cart and programs acquisitions

When you are willing to acquire a program, you need to add it to your cart. Once this cart is validated, your selection will be sent to the sales department who will get in contact with

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